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match-friends-find-jobs-facebook-applicationsFind a soul-mate or your perfect job using xibya
Find a soul-mate or your perfect job using xibya

Ask for a Match

Take charge of your social life – match yourself

Single and tired of ill-fated blind dates? How about filling out endless questionnaires on free online dating sites and searching through hundreds of fake profiles in hopes of finding a match? Have you paid money to professional match-makers who don’t really know you or what you are looking for? Are you searching for an easy, fun and sensible way of finding a potential partner?

Your Facebook friends can help

Facebook not only gives you a way to engage with friends and manage your social network, it’s also private and fake-proof. Through your friends, you are connected to hundreds, even thousands of people who may have a great deal more in common with you than just friends. What’s more, your friends know you and have a much better idea of what you want than any blind application or professional matchmaker ever could – so why not use their help?

The XibYa-Match application is designed to help you explore these authentic opportunities in a way that is discreet, easy and most of all – fun!

Say goodbye to ‘blind’ dating

Forget the complicated questionnaires and endless searches for profile matches. With XibYa-Match, you can find a perfect match among your friends’ friends. Our intuitive, easy-to-use application gives you an easy peek into your friends’ list of friends, so that you can know what they look like, what they are interested in and whether they too are looking for a match. If someone catches your fancy, you can send your mutual friend a private message, asking them whether a match is suitable and possible.

XibYa-Match enables you to do all this with the utmost discretion and care for the privacy of everyone involved. The best connections are often made through mutual friends, and now that Facebook has both simplified and enhanced your social life, XibYa-Match is just the next logical step in your search for an ideal match or perfect date.

It works – and how!

XibYa-Match works because it is founded not on impersonal questions and statistical tallies, but on mutual friends and interests. Search through your friends’ contact lists to see if a person’s interests and personality match your own. You can also ask your friends to act as match-makers and provide insightful and genuine details about you to friends who might be perfect for you. Through XibYa-Match, you can keep track of your requests, get to know new people and have a truly fun experience.

Discover your dream date with XibYa-Match

XibYa-Match combines the benefits of social networking with the age-old effectiveness of meeting potential dates and partners through mutual friends. It is designed to help you enhance your personal life and explore new relationships in a fun, safe and discreet manner. This easy-to-use, effective application can open up a world of unexplored opportunities and recharge your social life with the thrill of discovery and romance.

Give it a try – there is nothing at stake except a truly great new encounter.

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