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match-friends-find-jobs-facebook-applicationsFind a soul-mate or your perfect job using xibya
Find a soul-mate or your perfect job using xibya

Find a Job

Find a job with XibYa-Jobber

XibYa Jobber is a smart, free and easy-to-use Facebook application which helps you maximize your chances of finding a job through Facebook. Jobber’s smart agent can search for employment options using detailed filters, and its rich features and superior functionality provides you with the tools to tackle the daunting job market with greater ease.

Let Jobber work for you

With Jobber, you can check out all job opportunities posted by your friends and refine your search to find job openings in your area and line of work. You can send out requests to your friends and find out if they or anyone they know might be interested in your services, and then use your contacts and friends as easy references. You can also use your friends as references by sending private requests, and keep track of every request and updates on various openings.

Show off your professional skills on Facebook

With Jobber you will find it easier than ever before to build a professional resume right on Facebook itself, where you can request your colleagues and ex-employers to endorse your qualifications and talent. Friends, teachers and professional acquaintances can leave recommendations for you right on Facebook, and you can integrate multimedia within your resume to gain a great competitive advantage.

Jobber helps quickly sift through hundreds of job openings as soon as they become available. Jobber also helps you simultaneously build and share your job hunting and professional skills, by giving you access to career-building tips which you can add to and share with your friends.

Gain the extra edge

More and more recruiters are shifting online to increase their chances of finding the right candidate. From employment agencies to small firms, companies are focusing on social relations and searching for candidates online. Facebook is an obvious choice for many recruiters, since it enables them to search among their contacts and find candidates that can be easily vouched for. So you will already start your candidacy on a strong footing of trust. Facebook is also far more comprehensive than websites that are merely professional, and Jobber can provide you with the ideal environment in which to display not just your resume, but your personality and social skills as well.

Try Jobber Today

In this competitive job hunt, you need all the advantages you can get. Your Facebook profile and networking skills can help you stand out among hundreds of faceless candidates, and explore professional opportunities in your social network, from job search to referral to employment. Jobber can help build your career in a professional, easy and organized manner.

So try Jobber today to discover new job openings and explore
your network for latent opportunities.

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