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match-friends-find-jobs-facebook-applicationsFind a soul-mate or your perfect job using xibya
Find a soul-mate or your perfect job using xibya

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Finding the perfect employee just became a whole lot easier. If you are seeking professional, reliable and talented candidates, the best place to start looking is on Facebook with XibYa - Jobber

Search among those you trust

For many employers, the quickest and the most efficient way to find employees is to get recommendations from someone they know and trust. Finding a candidate among your pool of friends and contacts gives you an added assurance, which is precisely what the Jobber promises to deliver.

Jobber enables you to post new job openings that circulate among all your friends and communities. Jobber’s powerful tools enable you to contact friends directly and also to send forwarding requests to find potential candidates quickly and easily. You can keep track of all requests and responses, and make quick changes and updates to your requests. Checking references and setting up interviews is also a snap with Jobber, and you can easily bookmark candidates for future openings as well.

Judge on more than just a resume

Most job-seeking professionals today have a strong presence on Facebook, and the savvy ones have long since tapped into its potential for professional engagement and advancement. The Xibya Jobber enables professionals to build resumes right on Facebook, so that recruiters can easily review their qualifications, verify references and initiate contact.

Jobber facilitates recruitment in an environment that is a great deal richer and more comprehensive than in other remote interactions, so you can get to know candidates beyond their resumes and professional front. Jobber also makes it easy to arrange online meetings with potential employees and enables you to interact with them with ease.

Start using Jobber today to find your candidates

As unemployment rises and more people rush to apply for every new opening, finding a great candidate among your friends and larger social network can make the process of recruitment easier and more efficient than ever before. Jobber’s easy and ample features remove the headache of working through hundreds of unknown, under qualified and unverified resumes.

So start using XibYa Jobber today – it’s the fastest way to recruit the best talent on Facebook!

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