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Find a soul-mate or your perfect job using xibya

Play Match Maker - Match Friends

Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match…

Do you have a flair for matchmaking? Do you sometime find yourself thinking that two of your single friends are very alike and might be perfect for each other? Are you tired of seeing your single friends stumble through online dating sites and bad blind dates? Now you can help!

XibYa-Match is a Facebook application that helps you match up your friends and find out which of them may be made for each other. You can help your single friends find a dream date and ultimately a perfect match.

There’s a saying that for each match you make, you earn a place in heaven, so why not start now!

Help your friends find each other

XibYa-Match is a free online dating application for Facebook. It is perfect not only for single people seeking a partner but also for well-wishing friends with a desire to help them find one. XibYa-Match uses your friends list to match people who have similar interests and personalities, and enables you to use your intimate knowledge about your friends to find a better match.

It was never this easy!

Facebook is not just a tool for social networking or a repository of individual profiles. Increasingly, it is becoming a mirror of our personalities and a constellation of interconnected communities. It has made life easier in so many ways, so why not matchmaking?

Even if you aren’t single, you surely empathize with your single friends’ frustration of trying to find their dream relationship in a sea of strangers, all while trying to be discreet and cautious. With XibYa-Match, you can match up your single friends with great tact and skill. Not only can you apply your personal knowledge of your single friends to finding a match for them, you can use the latest technology to make the process easier and more fun for everyone involved.

How you can help

Just log in to Facebook and launch XibYa-Match. You can then match up your friends using rich detail filtering like age, relationship status, location, interests, group memberships and much more. Use the Match Level score to refine possibilities and find a perfect match among your friends.

Of course, all this is for your eyes only, and the privacy of your friends will never be breached. XibYa-Match makes it easy for you to send a private message to your friend(s), letting them know that you have a match suggestion for them. Just click send, and watch your friends' relationships unfold.

Have fun with friends on Facebook

Sure, you will be doing your single friends a great service, but it’s not just about them. Even though a good deed is its own reward, XibYa-Match makes the process even sweeter by giving you total freedom to explore unseen possibilities in your friends list. You can use the Auto-Match feature to find interesting new matches as often as you like. Every match you make also earns you Match Points and reveals new possibilities, all on your way to being a Match Master.

So what are you waiting for?

Helping your friends discover each other through XibYa-Match is a comfortable, fun and safe way of match-making. XibYa does the work so you can get the credit!

Try XibYa-Match today – you might just change a friend’s life.

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