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about-us-social-networking-facebook-appsFind a soul-mate or your perfect job using xibya
Find a soul-mate or your perfect job using xibya

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XibYa was founded in 2008 with the aim of enhancing the value and experience
of social networking through creative, fun and easy-to-use Facebook applications.
With years of technological insight and experience under its belt, the XibYa team develops smart and innovative applications for social networking, helping to accelerate your success and making your personal interactions richer and more meaningful.

XibYa stands out among Facebook applications because we create a rich and
amazing environment for Facebook Applications. The unique experience we strive to provide in our applications comes from versatile new user interface approach designed to make the most of your social network and help the people that you care about.

Although there are many tools for network collaborations, we believe that until now, none could offer a full and comprehensive environment that meets your needs.
We at XibYa Innovations develop tools for collaboration from within your Facebook profile.

There is no need to install or share again your network connections with new accounts. Just start our applications with your Facebook user account and you will be amazed at how easy and simple it is.

As social networks becomes an increasingly significant part of our professional and personal lives, XibYa continues to develop cutting edge applications to fulfill new needs and explore new possibilities of connection and collaboration.



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