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Social networking power on web 2.0
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About Us

Xibya company picture showing Dev staff XibYa is a Web 2.0 company developing unique
applications that allow users to better use their friends' connections and to collaborate with friends in a
creative manner.

We believe in "Trusting Your Friends" for better results
in your day-to-day social networking experience.

Company Profile

XibYa was founded in 2008 with the aim of enhancing the value and experience of social networking through creative, fun and easy-to-use Facebook applications. With years of technological insight and experience under its belt, the XibYa team develops smart and innovative applications for social networking, helping to accelerate your success and making your personal interactions richer and more meaningful.

XibYa stands out among Facebook applications because we create a rich and amazing environment for Facebook Applications. The unique experience we strive to provide in our applications comes from versatile new user interface approach designed to make the most of your social network and help the people that you care about.

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Our Workteam

Ilan Kor picture on LinkedinIlan Kor
has 13 years of experience in
product management and development for
global enterprises.
Alon Kor picture on LinkedinAlon Kor
has 15 years of experience in leading enterprise scale projects in complex IT environments.

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