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Facebook Applications Innovated

Start using XibYa Facebook applications today and reap the best benefits from your relationships. Find out who you can meet or who you can match with, using rich filter settings. Looking for a Job? Why not check with your friends first?

In today's social networking environments, you need effective and reliable tools to
make the most of your connections. XibYa Applications have it made just for you!

Leading Applications

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XibYa Match-Friends

XibYa Match-Friends is a unique Facebook application that enables users to match their friends, request matches from friends and monitor their match requests. Be a Match-Maker for a day! You just might be the angel that your single friends are waiting for!
three business men meet for job opening

XibYa Jobber

XibYa Jobber is a unique tool for finding job openings, career building, and searching employees. See what jobs your friends are into, what openings are available, and which contacts can help you get your dream job. XibYa Jobber,
it is all about who you know!

 Facebook Users Say

" XibYa applications changed the way I look at Facebook altogether. I can now find out much more and with great ease. I used XibYa match for dating and was stunned by its quick results. It’s not just helpful, it’s also so much fun! "
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